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Confidentiality and General data Protection Regulations

As a professional member of the BACP & CoSRT I fully abide by the data protection code of ethics and follow all boundaries as set out by these organisations and the new General Data Protection Regulations ( GDPR ).

Any identifiable written information that I hold will be kept under lock and key in a secured location and would only be accessible by me and a verified professional 3rd party in the case of my death.

The 3rd partie will destroy the notes in the case of my untimely death BUT only after alerting my professional supervisor who has a copy of my living will which contains all the codes and contact details of my current client list.

My supervisor will act to contact my current client list should it result in my not being able to further or complete our therapeutic journey.

The identifiable information and any non-identifiable notes ( which are held under code names) are to be held within the timeframe set by the BACP and CoSRT and my liability insurers should there arise a legal malpractice case. This timeframe for keeping such notes is currently 7 years although this is extended in cases of clients who identify as adoptees for a period of 25 years.

At NO TIME will I forward your emails to any 3rd parties for marketing purposes nor shall I pass on your details for research purposes or disclose your notes than for any other reason than by subpoena from a court-appointed official.

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