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Counselling/ Psychosexual (Sex) therapy for solo clients & Relationship therapy for Couples

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Welcome, my name is Jason Oddi (BACP & CoSRT)

How can I help you?

For over 15 years I have provided counselling and therapy to clients struggling with deep emotional and behavioural conflicts.

If you feel motivated and worthy of challenging these problematic moments in your life and you wish to journey into a brighter and more empowering life and lifestyle, contact me:

Email here or call for a brief discussion on 07478541 231

In the majority of cases (70%) it's the relationship between the therapist and client which creates the safe space for a good therapeutic outcome (Scott.D.Miller: International Centre for Clinical Excellence)

Integrative counselling

Occasionally we need an independent ear to listen to us and help us to make sense of intense and confusing feelings.

Therapy is a process that enables you to get in touch with issues that are affecting your emotions and judgements and for you to make the changes that are needed to bring you back to balance.

Psychosexual therapy

Psychosexual therapy is also known as Sex therapy.

You may wish to talk through your current concerns relating to sexual performance or sexual violence and abuse.

Or you may wish to understand why you are attracted to whom, where your desires come from, how society, religion or family culture may have hindered your sexual or sensual growth.

Other topics frequently raised by clients range from a lack of awareness around desire, intimacy and sexual commitment, the destructiveness of sexual turn-ons of shame, sexual fears and your sexual health.

I support clients with safety and stabilisation techniques that help to contain and then heal from P.T.S.D and sexual trauma and to re-engage with a level of intimacy that you choose.

Couples counselling
Marriage guidance/ Couples counselling supports couples to navigate away from the path of destructive tendencies that can develop into a lack of intimacy and understanding for each other.

Whether you are in the throes of re-active responses and conflict or you have settled for the easy life as best friends or partners, we will work together to develop new communication skills to aid your empathic responses and develop and re-energise the sensual and sexual intimacy that you may have previously enjoyed or had always desired.

You are welcome to Call me or Email here to have a brief discussion on the issues that are currently troubling you 07478 541 231

Offices in Central London, NW1 and Central Brighton BN1

Mornington crescent, Central London, NW1.

the therapy room is close to the main travel hubs of Kings Cross station, St. Pancras International station, Euston station, Mornington Crescent tube and Camden town tube and are easily within walking distance of Regents Park, Camden Lock, Harley Street, W1, St. Johns Wood, Belsize Park and Central London.

Sandgate Road, Brighton, BN1

The therapy room is located in Sandgate road off of Ditchling Road and near to the five ways, and a 15-minute walk from Preston Park train station BN1, London road train station and Brighton central mainline station.

Governing Organisations that I am a member of:

  • British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (MBACP)
  • General Member of the College of Sex and Relationship Therapists (CoSRT)

  • Integrative Counselling

    The Integrative Counselling model is a holistic approach that supports the emotional, behavioural and cognitive changes a client requires to expand towards a more empowered future.

    We will talk through your current situation, and how it is impacting your feelings, behaviour and general outlook on life, together we will visualise, and work towards your goals for therapy.

    Psychosexual (sex) therapy

    Psychosexual therapy supports the re-integration of our sensual and sexual selves, with it comes a multitude of scientifically qualified health benefits.

    Sex therapy and the re-development of sexual and sensual practices helps in reducing stress, slowing the ageing process, increasing blood flow, which offsets the health risks of coronaries or cancers, and in developing healthier cell-structures.

    I combine Psychosexual Psychotherapy with Psychosexual education. Psychosexual education is delivered through breakouts, brainstorming, hand-outs, graduated home exercises, books and multi-media support.

    The Psychosexual therapeutic package offers clients a more balanced and grounded approach that supports the exploration and skilling-up of their sensual, sexual and relational choices and desires.

    Expanded creativity and joy are commonly achieved goals when learning to remodel and integrate a healthier sexual paradigm into our sensual and sexual lives.

    I offer extensive support to heal from childhood sexual abuse (C.S.A) and adult sexual violations and domestic and personal abuses. The supportive framework takes the form of various Safety and stabilisation techniques to recover the sensual and sexual self and education around consent and boundaries that empowers clients to know and verbalise their desires and choices.

    Other common presentations supported with Psychosexual therapy are issues with a behavioural aspect that affects sexual responsiveness. These may include erectile dysfunctions (ED, Impotence), rapid or retarded ejaculation ( premature or retarded ejaculation), porn addiction/ misuse of erotic imagery/ sexual compulsivity, low or hypo libido ( Lack of, or over-developed desire), ano dyspareunia ( anal tightening), vaginismus ( vaginal tightening) and the many fears around having sex or sexual experiences.

    Couples Counselling & Marriage guidance

    Attempting to transform your relationship into a dynamic that you both/all want can feel challenging and tiresome, especially when it may feel more comfortable to avoid issues instead of confronting them.

    I support clients to work towards creating a new relational dynamic. By re-building bridges and re-defining communications skills clients can hear each other in their wants and needs and help to transition into a new relationship landscape with a more profound sense of empathy, trust and love.

    The First Session
    The first session is a consultation to talk through any questions that you may have about the therapeutic pathway, the way I work and the issues that are concerning you. The consultation helps you to experience me and to see and feel if I am someone that you would feel comfortable to work with.

    The number of sessions will vary depending on your needs. We will have regular check-ins on how the therapy is progressing and how you are applying the skills to achieve your goals.

    Marriage guidance & couples counselling sessions are held weekly and progress on to bi-weekly sessions as the focus shifts from disconnection towards re-connecting, re-energising and re-romanticising the relationship.

    Fortnightly sessions pave the way for couples to explore sensate and holistic-based home exercises with the goal to rebuild and re-ignite desire.

    Locations that I work from:

    Why Choose Me ?

    I have worked with many clients who have described their sessions with me as feeling "supportive and safe". Others have found me to be both "knowledgeable and professional in my approach".

    Coupled clients have said:
  • "this was better than renewing our vows"
  • Others:
  • " Jason, spend some time this evening knowing what a wonderful job you have done"
  • "At no time did I feel judged or that you were pushing me in a direction that I had not wished to go"

  • Whether I am providing Integrative counselling to solo clients, sex therapy to single or coupled clients or relationship therapy to couples, it is always a collaborative journey. By working together, you will be supported to stretch into a new and empowered life which meets your desires.

    If you feel that I can offer you the support that you need or you have any questions at all: Email here .

    or call me directly on 07478 541 231.

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    Psychosexual ( SEX ) Therapy

    Is it time to engage fully in your sensual & sexual journey? Would you like to enrich your sexual energy and re-connect with your sensual/ sexual self? Have you wished to feel sexually liberated, empowered and be free from sexual shame and guilt?

    The homeodynamic model of psychosexual / Sex therapy is a holistic approach that works with the body, mind, and emotions in union.

    Unpacking and reviewing your sexual beliefs, sexual values, and sexual/ sensual journey will help us to understand how you have arrived at this point and which aspects of your sexual landscape you wish to explore and develop further.

    Home tasks in the form of reading materials and exercises will challenge your old scripts and help you to expand into a sexual and relational future filled with your desires.

    Fulfilling sexual experiences can heighten self-esteem when the feel-good factor floods the neo-cortex with oxytocin. Adversely, shaming experiences that may be related to sexual or sensual abuse raise and then release high levels of cortisol which can hinder your freedom to seek out sexual and sensual pleasure by taking you into a flight, fright, freeze or fawn response.

    I work ethically with sexual problematic behaviours and psychosexual difficulties whether they are non-organic, biological or emotional in there presentation.

    As a kink-aware professional I come from a non-pathologising psychosexual model that aids clients who present in all forms of sexual expression and gender identity and work tirelessly to support disenfranchised communities to seek redress and equality in our society

    In recent years I have volunteered at kink / sacred sexuality festivals/ workshops supporting those who wish to explore and share their true sexual identity without fear of shame, guilt or persecution.

    Clients present with a wide range of issues related to:

  • Dyspareunia
  • (painful vaginal intercourse)
  • Ano-dyspareunia
  • (painful anal intercourse)
  • Erectile dysfunctions
  • Sexual education
  • Cybersexting
  • Sexting
  • Sexual addiction
  • Retroactive Jealousy
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Childhood Sexual abuse
  • (CSA)
  • Sexual violence
  • Sexual health
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual identity
  • Sexual self-esteem
  • Sexual fear and Anxiety
  • Sexual Anorexia
  • Sexual boundaries and Consent
  • Transphobia and Homophobia and Biphobia
  • Impotence
  • Porn addiction / erotic imagery misuse
  • Rapid ejaculation
  • Chemsex
  • Retarded ejaculation
  • Vaginismus
  • Sexual fear
  • Hypo or Hyperarousal
  • Intimacy and avoidance
  • Shame
    and many others.

    Sexual abuse and sexual violence can have a deeply disturbing effect on relationships. Internalised shame and guilt can cast a debilitating shadow on self-esteem and can block the pleasure/arousal cycle.

    Symptoms of disassociation, flashbacks, anxiety of sexual contact, fear, sleep distortions, loss of diet, extreme sexual behaviours and many others may occur.

    The onset of these symptoms may be random and startling but will likely be triggered by an innocuous touch, smile, image, smell or feeling. When the symptoms begin the mind/ body/ emotions cannot differentiate between now and when the sexual abuse happened, this re-experiencing can feel devastating. This is Post-traumatic stress disorder or P.T.S.D.

    Working with sexual abuse follows the same coach and support the client with safety and stabilisation techniques. These techniques offer the client take away tools to use when feeling 'triggered' outside of the therapeutic room.

    I have spent a year of my working career dedicated solely to understanding and working with the impact of sexual abuse and physical trauma on survivors.

    Counselling couples who present with one, or both are survivors of sexual abuse, it is highly desirable to support BOTH parties, as the sexual abuse will have affected the relationship as a whole.

    It is helpful to the relationship to model to the non-abuse survivor the safety and stabilisation techniques to offer the partner support when they are in 'affect dis-regulation'.

    Many clients have felt freedom by talking through and acknowledging their sexually abusive histories. By sensitively and considerately working through these experiences we can process and release the feelings that will make space for a more fulfilling life and lifestyle that is free of triggering behaviours and flashbacks.

    Please visit the page titled Psychosexual therapy to gain a broader understanding of my work in the field of Psychosexual and sex therapy.

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    Integrative Counselling

    If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got
    ~Albert Einstein

    My career in therapy began as an Integrative counsellor. Integrative counselling is a model of therapy that utilises many aspects of various models of counselling to aid clients during the process of emotional re-balancing, healing and intuitive mental well-being.

    The initial sessions are concentrated on unpacking the distress that has brought you to counselling. Once all the unpacking has been completed we will focus on building your resources that will bring you a sense of confidence that you can transform into a brighter and more empowered future.

    Here is a broad range of issues that I have worked well with over the years:

  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Adoption trauma
  • Anger
  • Addictions
  • 12 Steps support , Step 5 Mentoring
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Adoption consultancy
  • Medication withdrawel
  • Depression
  • Obsessive compulsive disorders
  • Stress
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Bereavement, Grief and loss.
  • Redundancy
  • Transphobia
  • Homophobia
  • Sexual abuse
  • Childhood Sexual abuse
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Psychosexual issues. Expanded description on the next page.
  • Self-esteem
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Intimacy
  • Trust
  • Shame

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    Couples (relationship) Counselling

    Has your relation-ship sailed into stormy seas? Can I help you to navigate towards a calmer shore?

    Couples Counselling/ relationship therapy is solution based and helps to resolve difference by developing a new language of communication, enhancing empathy, mediating between wants and needs, setting goals with home tasks and defining the common ground between the estranged couple. We work towards re-building bridges and rediscovering the pizazz that has been lost in the relationship.

    Together we can explore your concerns in a non-judgemental way and put in place resources to help you to heal and re-connect. This is a challenging process that will unearth some vulnerabilities and guide you toward your hopes for the future. The courage to grieve the past and welcome in a different relationship dynamic is needed...are you willing to transform?

    Sessions are held weekly and will taper off to fortnightly when the work is coming to an end.

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    Call me for a confidential consultation on 07478 541 231

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    My career and qualifications.

    I hold a Diploma In Integrative counselling & a Post-grad Diploma in Psychosexual therapy, and various certificated trainings in attachment, trauma, addictions, C.B.T, and a level 1 in Theraplay and Enhanced adoption parenting (family support).

    In 2010 I co-devised and facilitated a 2-day workshop focusing on the 'Recovery of The Inner child' held with Maeja Raicar author and developer of Child-centred attachment therapy (Ccat).

    My psychosexual qualifications were achieved at the Centre for Psychosexual Health (CPH) Link here The faculty is led by Cabby Laffy author of 'Love sex'. Psychosexual issues affect both single and coupled clients.

    In 2015-2016 I worked with Mankind counselling service in Brighton attending to clients that have received sexual violations. Sexual trauma cannot be underestimated in our society, it affects the recipient's self-esteem and can hamper future relationships.

    To understand better the mind, body and soul triad and to offer sensate-focused techniques that re-energise and re-sensualise relationships with the self and 'other' I trained in Holistic massage (level 3 ITEC), and hold certifications in Anatomy and Physiology. To compliment my knowledge I have undertaken further trainings working with sacred sexuality (Tantra and Taoism).

    I have trained under the International school of Temple arts (ISTA), Mantak Chia ( author; Multi-orgasmic man, multi-orgasmic couple) and many other leading facilitators of energy/sexuality/spirituality. They have my gratitude for the amazing and transformative approaches to sensual and sexual healing.

    My work is overseen by a professional CoSRT accredited supervisor and I uphold the professional boundaries and ethics as set out by the professional bodies to which I am a member (BACP & CoSRT).

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