Tri-Therapy Integrative counselling, Psychosexual Therapy and Couples Therapy in Central Brighton & Central London

My experience and Qualifications.

My therapeutic approach is grounded in holism, as the mind, body and spirit are all affected when emotional and relational instabilities occur.

Diploma In Integrative counselling.
Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy.
Certificate in Couples Counselling.
Certificate in advanced CBT.
Post and pre-adoption support for coupled and solo prospective adopters.
+ over 60 bonafide related pieces of training, including;
Trauma work within a couple's relationship, (Sally Openshaw, Cosrt).
Theraplay, Marschak interaction method (MIM) working with traumatised families and children.
Out of control sexual behaviours ( Doug Braun Harvey, Pink therapy)
Erotic transference and Countertransferences (Cabby Laffy, Centre for psychosexual health) + many others

I chose a career path that balanced my private client work with public organisations that exposed me to the widest client base possible. These organisations supported me to work with Solo and coupled clients with a range of Marriage guidance, Counselling and psychosexual and relationship issues.

Southwark carers counselling organisation Counsellor for single clients who were carers of family/friends with Mental health conditions. The vast majority of clients had developed mental health conditions as a result of feeling ' cared out'.

Ealing abbey counselling service Counselling solo clients with Long-term mental health conditions.

NHS at the Hammersmith Hospital for the Imperial College hospitals trust, counselling NHS medical staff ( Consultants, Doctors, Nurses, bio-scientists et al )

Mankind Counselling services Brighton, Psychosexual therapy working with solo clients that were survivors of sexual abuse, sexual trauma and related Psychosexual and relationship issues.

Post-adoption centre, Couples and solo client counselling for a vast array of client presentations from marriage guidance to identity issues and genetic sexual attraction, depression and childhood sexual abuse amongst others.

*I wrote and Co-facilitated a weekend workshop on Inner child recovery at the Post-Adoption centre, North London.

+ 1000's of private client hours working with relationship difficulties, sex therapy and mental and emotional health challenges.

My Ethos

I come from a body positive and sex positive background and view sensual & sexual desire within consenting adult paradigms as an expression of their autonymous identity.

I work towards supporting a social and cultural environments where questioning and/or shaming peoples sexual desires and beliefs can be cast back to the dark ages from where it came. As the great Jack Morin author of 'The erotic mind' wrote "no-one was ever put in prison for their fantasies". Unfortunately some people in present day society would imprison or physically harm others for their legal sexual preferences. Sad but true.

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