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Relationship & Marriage counselling

As a marriage guidance counsellor & relationship therapist of many years, I will support you to change the dynamic that you are currently in.

Couples therapy is challenging work but emotionally and financially cheaper than a divorce resulting in separation anxiety and the anguish that comes with endings.

Couples counselling offers new skills which, over time, will become the building blocks for the transformation of your relationship.

Communication, both verbal and through the body (kissing, touch, sensual and sexual intimacy) are at the forefront when relationships are breaking down.

Other acts of aggression focus on playing the 'blame game' and viewing the 'other' as the enemy. The 'silent' treatment, separation, berating and sulkiness can take us to a place or reaction, rage and counter behaviours that constantly damage our self-worth.

Sometimes there is a lack of anger as couples regress into brother and sister or best-friend relational types. These come with ambiguity and avoidance which slowly strangles any hope of a fulfilling and enjoyable life together.
If you are at this stage I would suggest that you begin therapy as soon as possible, soon years will pass and you will slowly give up any hope that you once had.

Many couples have felt the devastation of infidelity. Infidelity raise issues of trust, shame and guilt.
All issues can be worked with successfully IF you are willing, a level of honesty is needed so that trust and intimacy can be re-moulded.

During the counselling sessions, we will look at how you connect with your partner. We collaborate on exercises and try to unearth the deeper meanings in the to and fro of day to day interactions and sift through whether past relationships and family of origin shadows have been affecting your current behaviours towards each other.

A healthy home/sex/ creative play life is dependent on your willingness to make changes through invoking the four C'S of compassion, challenge, compromise and communications.

It is your choice...

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Or Call/ Text 07478- 541- 231 .

Couples seek support for varied reasons including :

  • Low sexual desire
  • Conflict resolution
  • Sex addiction (Out of control sexual behaviour)
  • Lack of intimacy
  • power imbalance
  • Jealousy
  • Retroactive Jealousy
  • Infidelity
  • Family planning
  • Sexual abuse
  • Sexual violence
  • Emotional & Physical abuse
  • Passive aggression
  • Boundary and consent violations
  • Relationship navigation into Swinging, polyamory and opening the relationship to others.
  • Childcare
  • Psychosexual medical issues IE erectile problematic behaviours, vaginismus, rapid or retarded ejaculation, retarded orgasm
  • Sexual self-esteem
  • Pre-cohabiting guidance
  • Relationship contracting
  • Sex and sensuality life-coaching
    and many others

    Sessions are held weekly and taper off to fortnightly sessions as the therapy progresses. There will be exercises and home tasks to help you to rediscover yourself and each other. You will go as far as you wish as I constantly remind clients of their boundaries and consent levels.

    In some cases, couples attend counselling sessions seeking a structured ending of their relationship. They wish to navigate the transition into solo and separate lifestyles and to develop a supportive co-parenting relationship with structured boundaries if children are involved. This is all possible through communication and mediation.

    Contact me: @08
    Call/ Text 07478- 541- 231

  • Relationship sex coaching

    All relationships get staid and dull, right? They can indeed, but with a little bit of a spring clean you can develop into a new pleasure filled partnerships that meet both your needs.

    Sensual and sexual coaching is focused primarily on techniques to enhance your bodily and emotional responses to each other. The focus may be around ejaculation control or vaginal numbness or raise issues where you wish to expand or introduce new sensual or sexual games with your partner.

    Over the course of the sessions, we will focus on the likes and dislikes that affect your senses and tease out any others that may be linked. Together we will develop a better understanding of yourself and each other with the aim of enhancing your desires and future relationship.

    This is a brief 6 session model that allows for a spring clean and tune-up for you and your relationship.

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