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Psychosexual Therapy. transformation

Psychosexual(sex) Therapy

Psychosexual therapy is an opportunity to explore and expand your understanding of your sexual beliefs, sexual identity and sexual mechanisms and how they affect your internal arousal process and relationship with others.

By incorporating sensually focused home tasks the body and mind shift from what was, to what can is a journey of ownership and empowerment for your body and a new developmental pathway for your sexual energy.

Psychosexual counselling challenges conditions like erectile dysfunctions, vaginismus, hypo or hyper libido + many others which may be a result of medical conditions, though are frequently linked to the brains messaging system which in turn affects the arousal cycle. All can be worked with using a homeodynamic model of psychosexual therapy that relaxes the archetype of goal orientated sex.

Recovery from Sexual abuse and sexual violence is a common reason that clients attend psychosexual therapy. Unwanted sexual experiences can understandably lead to traumatic triggers. These triggers can leave the survivors avoiding any sexually charged dynamic or adversely, becoming overtly sexualized as if re-enacting the abuse and shame.

I work sensitively with child sexual abuse survivors who wish to recover their sexual lives from complex trauma by providing safety and stabilisation resources throughout the sessions.

Until recently I spent one day a week working with a charity: that supports men that had been sexually abused. Sexual abuse amongst men in many instances is unreported due to shame, guilt, and masculine bravado. Unfortunately, there is a lack of Psychosexual male therapists in the Brighton area to meet the needs of organisations like mankind.

Shame and desire are commonly linked. Shame and the shadow side of one's unconscious process can lead to unwanted erotic behaviours which in turn can lead to an emotional spiral downwards and damage the relationship that we have with ourselves and others/ partners.

My training as a Psychosexual therapist followed my exploration into Tantra & Taoist sexual philosophies both contemporary and historical. Sacred sexuality has lent great gifts to society in the forms of developing trust, intimacy, and creative play. I endeavour to embody my work with a contemporary twist and pass on to clients the gifts of sacred sexuality teachings in a non-religious/ non-spiritual format.

Sexual and sensual experiences have the healing energy to change the neural pathways of our brain. A host of hormones fire up neurones that create new synapse connections. I have worked with many couples and single clients to re-romanticise, re-sexualise and re-energise their relationships.

Clients seek out sex therapy to explore and make sense of their sexual desire(s) of BDSM/kink and fetish play and how to communicate their desires to their partners. A willingness to weave a new non-judgemental sexual landscape must be at the heart of your future relational focus.

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Psychosexual Therapy. itstartswithyou

Common presenting issues.

  • Sexual and emotional Boundaries
  • Sexual/sensual consent
  • Sexual violence/abuse and Recovery
  • Pleasure
  • Asexuality
  • Communication
  • Sensual education
  • Understanding your Sexual diversity
  • Shame & Desire
  • Misuse of erotica/porn imagery
  • Sex Addiction
  • Male organic sexual dysfunctions
  • Female organic sexual dysfunctions
  • Pain during Intercourse
  • Infidelity
  • Restrictive Sexual behaviours
  • Intimacy & regeneration
  • Exploring the sexual space
  • Sharing vulnerability
  • Kink, Fetish and fantasies
  • Weaving sex toys into your sex play/ love play

    I work with clients regardless of Gender identification, Sexual orientation or relational status.

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