Tri-Therapy Integrative counselling, Psychosexual Therapy and Couples Therapy in Central Brighton & Central London

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Counselling, Sex therapy & Relationship therapy for Solo and Coupled clients

Hello and welcome, my name is Jason Oddi MBACP & CoSRT

For many years I have offered counselling, Psychosexual therapy and relationship/ marriage guidance to single and coupled clients from all walks of life.

My professional application of proven therapy models and expertise gained through working with thousands of clients has informed my belief in tailoring therapy to clients individuality.

Being a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (MBACP) and a General Member of the College of Sex and Relationship Therapists (CoSRT) reassures clients that my skillset is continually updated with advanced and frequent training and that my work is continually overseen as ethical and boundaried .

In the majority of cases (70%) it's the relationship between the therapist and client which creates the safe space for a good therapeutic outcome (Scott.D.Miller: International Centre for Clinical Excellence).

Integrative counselling

Integrative counselling is an inclusive therapeutic model for solo clients that weaves many therapeutic teachings into one model. The aim is to support the client with a therapeutic framework that lends itself to cater to the emotional, behavioural and cognitive shifts a client would need to expand towards a more empowered future.

Psychosexual (sex) therapy

Often we ignore nurturing our sexual and sensual selves. Re-connecting with intimacy, sexuality, sensuality and sexual energy have a multitude of scientifically qualified health benefits in reducing stress, slowing the ageing process, increasing blood flow which offsets health risks of coronaries or cancers, and developing healthier cell-structures. Combined with psychosexual education, the therapeutic package offers clients a more balanced and grounded sense of self which supports their choices whether relational, sensual or sexual.

Expanded creativity and joy are a common payoff when we learn to remodel and integrate a healthier sexual paradigm into our sensual and sexual lives.

Sexual violations and abuses that can trigger the bodies trauma responses (shut down or become hyper-aroused) are common presentations that prevent people from fully participating in their sexual energy/desires.

Other common presentations that can be worked through with psychosexual therapy are issues with a behavioural aspect as with erectile dysfunctions, rapid or retarded ejaculation, porn addiction/ misuse of erotic imagery/ sexual compulsivity, low or hypo libido, ano dyspareunia, vaginismus and the fear of sex. These psychosexual symptoms can be worked through so that you can come to a place of understanding of how the mind helps or hinders the bodies needs and desires.

Previous and current clients come from diverse sexual and gendered backgrounds ( LGBTQIA & non-binary). All clients are seen and treated as equal.

Couples Counselling & Marriage guidance

Transforming your relationship can feel so challenging and hopeless, especially when it may be easier to avoid instead of to confront.

We work towards re-building bridges and re-defining communications skills. I aid couples to hear each others wants and needs and help them to transition into a new relationship landscape. Re-building trust and intimacy and trying out new communication skills are cornerstones of couples counselling work.

Whether Psychosexual therapy, Couples counselling or solo counselling, we can co-create a pathway that aids you to move forward and explore your capacity and willingness to evolve into a new and loving relationship.

The First Session
The first session is a consultation to talk through any questions that you may have about the therapeutic pathway, the way I work and the issues that are concerning you. The session helps you to experience me and to see and feel if I am someone that you feel comfortable working with.

Frequency and Length of Sessions
We will establish a supportive framework for therapy. Weekly sessions are preferable and regulated to the same day and time (where possible). I offer some flexibility around your work commitments although regularity of sessions offers you a stability that may have been wanting in earlier years.

The number of sessions will vary depending on your needs. We will have regular check-ins on how the therapy is progressing and how you are applying the skills to achieve your goals.

In a brief therapy model, the focus is with one specific issue which would generally take six to twelve sessions although this can be increased if required.

Open-ended therapy: this model works well with aiding clients in reducing medications like anti-depressants, working with depression and attachment based therapies that work with adoption, grief and childhood abandonment.

Many psychosexual and relational issues can be linked to home-life and upbringing, especially where a lack of versatile and non-shaming sex education was not felt to be of value.

Marriage guidance & couples counselling sessions begin weekly and move on to bi-weekly sessions when the focus shifts towards re-connecting, re-energising and re-romanticising the relationship. Fortnightly sessions pave the way for couples to explore sensate and holistic-based home exercises with the goal to rebuild and re-ignite desire.

Sessions are held in either Mornington crescent, Central London, NW1.

My therapy rooms are close to the main travel hubs of Kings Cross station N1, St. Pancras International station N1, Euston station NW1, Mornington Crescent tube NW1 and Camden town tube NW1 and within Walking distance of Regents Park NW1, Camden Lock NW1, Harley Street W1, St. Johns Wood NW8, Soho W1 and Central London.

or Sandgate road BN1 which runs off of Ditchling road and near to the five ways in Brighton and served by Preston park station BN1 or Brighton mainline stations

Why Choose Me ?
Clients that I have worked with have described their sessions with me as supportive and safe. They have found me to be both knowledgeable and professional in my approach.

Whether I am providing Integrative counselling to solo clients, sex therapy to single or coupled clients or relationship therapy to couples, it is always a collaborative journey, by working together you will feel supported to stretch into a new and empowered life which meets your desires.

If you feel that I can offer you the support that you need or you have any questions at all: Email here .

or call me directly on 07478 541 231.

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Psychosexual ( SEX ) Therapy

Is it time to engage fully in your sensual & sexual journey? Would you like to enrich your sexual energy and re-connect with your sensual/ sexual self? Have you wished to feel sexually liberated, empowered and be free from sexual shame and guilt?

The homeodynamic model of psychosexual / Sex therapy that I use is a holistic approach that works with the body, mind, and emotions in union.

Unpacking and reviewing your sexual beliefs, sexual values, and sexual journey will educate you and give space for your future psychosexual development.

Home tasks in the form of reading materials and exercises will challenge your old scripts and help you to expand into a sexual and relational future filled with your desires.

Fulfilling sexual experiences can heighten our self-esteem and feel good factor by flooding our neo-cortex with LOVE hormones. Shame and the unconscious unresolved blocks in our mind can hinder that fulfilment. Is it time for you to develop an understanding of how shame can damage your sexual self-esteem? your sexual desire? and your arousal cycle?

I work ethically with sexual problematic behaviours and psychosexual difficulties whether they are non-organic, biological or emotional in presentation.

As a kink aware professional I come from a non-pathologising psychosexual model that aids clients who present in all forms of sexual expression and gender identity

In recent years I have volunteered at kink / sacred sexuality festivals/ workshops supporting those who wish to explore and share their true sexual identity without fear of shame, guilt or persecution.

Clients present with a wide range of issues or needs related to:

Dyspareunia (painful vaginal intercourse)
Ano-dyspareunia (painful anal intercourse)
Erectile dysfunctions
Sexual education
Sexual addiction
Sexual Abuse
Childhood Sexual abuse (CSA)
Sexual violence
Sexual health
Gender identity
Sexual identity
Sexual self-esteem
Sexual fear and Anxiety
Sexual Anorexia
Sexual boundaries and Consent
Transphobia and Homophobia and Biphobia
Porn addiction / erotic imagery misuse
Rapid ejaculation
Retarded ejaculation
Fear of sex
Lack of sexual experience
Hypo or Hyperarousal
Intimacy and avoidance
and many others.

Sexual abuse and sexual violence can have a deeply disturbing effect on relationships. Internalised shame and guilt can cast a debilitating shadow on self-esteem and can block the pleasure/arousal cycle.

Working with sexual abuse in women and men follows the same coach and support the client with safety and stabilisation techniques. These techniques offer the client tools to access when they are outside of the therapeutic room.

Sexual abuse and childhood sexual abuse, in particular, may have already damaged many of your relationships and especially the relationship with your self.

Symptoms of disassociation, flashbacks, an anxiety of sexual contact, fear, sleep distortions, loss of diet, extreme sexual behaviours and many others may occur.

The onset of these symptoms may come out of the blue but will more than likely be triggered by an innocuous touch, smile, image, smell or feeling. When the symptoms begin the mind/ body/ emotions cannot differentiate between now and when the sexual abuse happened, this re-experiencing can feel devastating.

I have spent a year of my working career dedicated solely to understanding and working with the impact of sexual and physical trauma on survivors.

When counselling couples who present with one or either surviving sexual abuse, it is highly desirable to support BOTH parties, as the sexual abuse will have affected their relationship. It is helpful to the relationship to model to the non-abuse survivor the safety and stabilisation techniques to offer their partner support when they are in 'affect dis-regulation'.

Many clients have felt freedom by talking through and acknowledging their sexually abusive histories. By sensitively and considerately bringing these experiences out into the open we can process the feelings for a more fulfilling life and lifestyle that is free of triggering behaviours and flashbacks.

Please visit the page titled Psychosexual therapy to gain a broader understanding of my work in the field of Psychosexual and sex therapy.

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Integrative Counselling

If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got
~Albert Einstein

My career in therapy began as an Integrative counsellor. Integrative counselling is a model of therapy that utilises many aspects of various models of counselling to aid clients during the process of emotional re-balancing, healing and intuitive mental well-being.

The initial sessions are concentrated on unpacking the distress that has brought you to counselling. Once all the unpacking has been completed we will focus on building your resources that will bring you a sense of confidence that you can transform into a brighter and more empowered future.

Here is a broad range of issues that I have worked well with over the years:

  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Adoption trauma
  • Anger
  • Addictions
  • 12 Steps support , Step 5 Mentoring
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Adoption consultancy
  • Medication withdrawel
  • Depression
  • Obsessive compulsive disorders
  • Stress
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Bereavement, Grief and loss.
  • Redundancy
  • Transphobia
  • Homophobia
  • Sexual abuse
  • Childhood Sexual abuse
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Psychosexual issues. Expanded description on the next page.
  • Self-esteem
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Intimacy
  • Trust
  • Shame

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    Couples (relationship) Counselling

    Has your relation-ship sailed into stormy seas ? Can I help you to navigate towards a calmer shore?

    Couples Counselling/ relationship therapy is solution based and helps to resolve difference by developing a new language of communication, enhancing empathy, mediating between wants and needs, setting goals with home tasks and defining the common ground between the estranged couple. We work towards re-building bridges and re- discovering the pizazz that has been lost in the relationship.

    Together we can explore your concerns in a non-judgemental way and put in place resources to help you to heal and re-connect. This is a challenging process that will unearth some vulnerabilities and guide you towards your hopes for the future. The courage to grieve the past and welcome in a different relationship dynamic is needed...are you willing to transform?

    Sessions are held weekly and will graduate to fortnightly.

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    Call me for a confidential consultation on 07478 541 231

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    My career and qualifications.

    For over 14 years I have provided Integrative counselling both privately and through the NHS and various charities.

    I hold Diplomas In Integrative counselling & a Post-grad Diploma in psychosexual therapy, and various certificated training in attachment, C.B.T, and level 1 in Theraplay, and Enhanced adoption parenting (family support).

    In 2010 I co-devised and facilitated a 2-day workshop focusing on the 'Recovery of The Inner child' held with Maeja Raicar author and developer of Child-centred attachment therapy (Ccat).

    My psychosexual qualifications were achieved at the Centre for Psychosexual Health (CPH) Link here The faculty is led by Cabby Laffy author of 'Love sex'. Psychosexual issues affect both single and coupled clients.

    Since 2015 I have worked freelance for one day per week with Mankind counselling service in Brighton working with men that have been sexually abused. Sexual trauma cannot be underestimated in our society and the damaging effect it can have to the recipient's self-esteem and future relationships.

    To understand better the mind, body and soul triad and to offer sensate-focused techniques that re-energise and re-sensualise relationships with the self and 'other' I trained in Holistic massage (level 3 ITEC), and hold certifications in Anatomy and Physiology. To compliment my knowledge I have undertaken further trainings working with sacred sexuality (Tantra and Taoism).

    I have immense gratitude to have trained with the International school of Temple arts (ISTA), Mantak Chia ( author; Multi-orgasmic man, multi-orgasmic couple) and many other leading facilitators of energy/sexuality/spirituality.

    My work is overseen by a professional CoSRT accredited supervisor and I uphold the professional boundaries and ethics as set out by the professional bodies to which I am a member (BACP & CoSRT).

    Locations In Central Brighton & Central London

  • The counselling rooms at 63 Sandgate road is located just off of Ditchling road, near the junction with the ‘fiveways’ and is easily reached by car from the A23/A27. The area is regularly serviced by buses 26/46 from Brighton town centre.

    The venue is a one mile walk from Preston park mainline train station.

  • Mornington crescent, Camden Town NW1 is near to Euston station, St.Pancras International station and Kings Cross station in Central London Map here

    My counselling room is 5 mins walk from Mornington Crescent and Camden Town tube stations ( Northern Line).

    Nearby are koko's music venue, The jazz cafe, Camden Market, The British Library, Regents Park and London Zoo. Primrose Hill and Baker street are approximately 10 minutes walk.

    Local business head offices include Google and youtube at kings cross, St Martins college of art and design, Ted Baker, French connection, Viacom and Asos at Greater London House.

    There is on-street parking with metered access and I supply 1- or 2-hour parking permits on request cost £1.50 per hour). There is also metered access at £4.80 per hour.

    This venue unfortunately, has no access for wheelchair bound clients.

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    Links to Associate Therapists.

    below is a list of colleagues from other areas of London who work in the same field and I value highly.

    Thomas Sherry: Psychotherapist and Psychosexual and couples therapist. Thomas holds sessions from rooms in Central London EC2 (Shoreditch and Old Street) and South-west London SW4 (Clapham). here

    Eileen Duff: Accredited Integrative Counsellor and Psychosexual and couples psychotherapist. Eileen holds sessions in Maidstone and Central London EC4 ( Bank and Cannon Street).

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