Tri-Therapy Integrative counselling, Psychosexual Therapy and Couples Therapy in Central Brighton & Central London

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Jason Oddi BACP and CoSRT
Integrative counselling, Psychosexual (sex) therapist and Couples (relationship) counselling.

Turn around and turn away from where you've been and can no longer reside.
Turn around and turn away from what has ended.
Turn around and face what lies in front of you: the new path, the new destination, the new doors waiting to be opened.

Hello and welcome, how can I help ?

Whether you are here seeking Counselling, Psychosexual (sex) therapy or Couples/relationship therapy see this as an opportunity to explore and expand into your deeper emotional troubles. By becoming aware of why we make the choices that we do, how we behave in relation to the outside world and understanding our internal coping mechanisms gives the opportunity to grow into a brighter future. From pain to pleasure.

Why Choose Me
Clients that I have worked with previously have described their sessions with me as supportive and safe. They have described me as warm and friendly and unlike their expectation or previous experience(s) of a cold and emotionless therapist. I suggest to prospective clients to get to know the therapist either by attending an assessment or by holding a telephone conversation. This enables the enquirer to get a 'feel' for the therapist. Rapport is extremely important for a 'good therapeutic outcome'.

In the majority of cases (70%) it's the relationship between the therapist and client(s) which creates the safe space for a good therapeutic outcome .(Scott D Miller International Centre for Clinical Excellence).

Contact me to schedule a brief telephone assessment Email here .

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Psychosexual ( SEX) therapy

Is it time to engage fully in your sexual journey? Would you like to enrich your sexual energy or re-connect with your sexual self ? Have you wished to feel sexually liberated, empowered and be free from sexual shame and guilt ?

Psychosexual therapy is a holistic approach that looks at the body, mind and emotional/erotic desire in union. Sexual energy and creativity can enrich our relationships and deepen our core connection to our self and others. Sexual beliefs, values, sexual orientation and sexual health are all springboards for enhanced self-esteem.

I work ethically with sexual problematic behaviours and psychosexual difficulties whether they are organic, biological or emotional in presentation.

Clients present with issues ranging from concerns with body image, infidelity, confusion of their sexual identity, lack of sexual energy (libido/life force/kundalini), painful intercourse, sexual compulsivity, sexual imagery use, medical conditions, sexually transmitted disease or sexual health concerns and many others .

As a kink aware professional I come from a non-pathologising psychosexual model that aids clients with all forms of sexual expression or gender identity

In recent years I have volunteered at kink / sacred sexuality festivals/ workshops supporting those who wish to explore and share their true sexual identity without fear of shame, guilt or persecution.

Problematic psychosexual behaviours can be a symptom of deeper emotional upset or trauma.

Clients present with a wide range of symptoms relating to :

Dyspareunia (painful intercourse)
Erectile dysfunctions
Sexual addiction
Sexual Abuse
Sexual violence
Sexual health
Gender identity
Rapid ejaculation
Retarded ejaculation
Hypo or Hyperarousal
Problematic sexual compulsions
and many others.

Sexual abuse and sexual violence can have a deeply disturbing effect on relationships. Internalised shame and guilt casts a debilitating shadow on self-esteem and can block the pleasure/arousal cycle. Many of my clients have felt freedom by exploring with me and acknowledging the UNWANTED sexual experiences they received. By sensitively and considerately bringing these experiences out into the open we can process the feelings for a more fulfilling sexual life and lifestyle that's free of triggering behaviours and flashbacks.

Please visit the page titled Psychosexual therapy to gain a broader understanding of my work.

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Integrative Counselling

If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got
~Albert Einstein

As an Integrative counsellor, I utilise many models of counselling to aid my clients during the process of emotional re-balancing, healing, and intuitive mental well-being.

I focus holistically as we work through life and lifestyle choices. The initial sessions are concentrated on discovering why you have arrived where you have and then building a supportive relationship where you will feel emotionally held and secure.

Here is a broad range of issues that I have worked well with over the years :

  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Anger
  • Addictions
  • 12 Steps support , Step 5 Mentoring
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Adoption consultancy
  • Depression
  • Obsessive compulsive disorders
  • Stress
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Bereavement, Grief and loss.
  • Redundancy
  • Depression
  • Sexual abuse
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Psychosexual issues ...expanded description on the next page.
  • Self-esteem
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Intimacy
  • Trust
  • Shame

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    Couples (relational) Counselling

    Unfortunately, most couples seek to be counselled when it is nearly too late. I would like to reassure you that seeking outside professional support is not an admittance of failure but an act of empowerment to enhance and grow.Do you not go to the hospital or surgery when there is a medical issue? Your relation-ship has sailed into stormy seas, let me help you navigate towards a brighter and calmer shore.

    I offer support to couples who are having a difficult time relating to each other lovingly. Couples/relationship therapy is solution based to resolve difference by developing a new language of communication, developing empathy, mediating between wants and needs, setting goals and home tasks and defining the common ground between the disenfranchised couple. We work towards re-building bridges and re-defining communications skills. I aid couples to think of and understand their wants and needs and how to weave those discoveries into their relationship.

    Relationships are not easy, they need work to evolve. Therapy is an opportunity to re-model and re-engineer the relationship you now want.

    Together we can explore your concerns in a non-judgemental way and put in place resources to help you to heal and re-connect. This is a challenging process to unearth vulnerabilities and guide you towards your hopes for the future.

    For further information click on the tab at the top titles Couples counselling .

    Navigating the growing and ageing pains of a relationship can feel really daunting,let us work towards some solutions for change .

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    Call me for a confidential consultation on 07478 541 231

    What therapy may look like...

    All clients are unique as are all relationships , so here is a brief outline of what the therapeutic framework could look like:

    Psychosexual (sex) therapy.
    The first six sessions are focused on building the level of trust in our relationship so that you feel 100% safe to discuss what has brought you here. We will look at your trust levels and how you trust others and how you cope with rejection and abandonments.

    The next six sessions are focused on exploring the issue(s) that you wish to work on, how they have developed, how your previous beliefs may impinge on your sexual development.

    The final six sessions will be focused on your goals and aims for the future , home tasks to bring those goals closer and eventually how we manage our ending.

    Integrative Counselling

    There are so many different issues that affect clients and so many models that supports clients through those specific issues that it is incredibly hard to give a guideline on how long the therapy may take and here is why-

    Depression- takes years to develop and most clients are on medication which prevents the 'toxic' feelings that have caused the depression to be felt and worked through. Therapy supports the clients slow reduction in medication whilst accessing those toxic feelings and revealing the pent-up emotions that have been suppressed by medication. The sessional timeframe can be anything from three months to three years. Model used: Integrative.

    Anxiety disorders or GAD- most clients develop well with Cognitive behaioural therapy (C.B.T) within twenty sessions. But C.B.T only works with the symptoms and not the underlying causation. Humanistic attachment based models work very effectively with Anxiety and stress.

    Post-traumatic stress disorders ( P.T.S.D) and complex trauma- This very intense, and distressing neurological disorder has to be handled extremely sensitively. The build up of trust between the therapist and client is of ultimate importance as the therapist has to be so tuned into the client to recognise when the client is disassociating from their bodies and their disturbing trauma inducing experiences. The therapist journeys psychologically with the client into the experiences ever so briefly and then back again whilst all the while safeguarding the client with mindfulness and various sensate focused techniques that empower the client to take control and develop their ability to self-soothe. Eventually the power is taken away from the experiences and the client is able to engage in life fully and with more presence.
    This is the model that i use at mankind counselling services based in Brighton , where I work with male survivors of sexual abuse.There is no time limit on this work but an average amount of sessions would be thirty sessions.

    Couples Counselling

    Generally between 12-20 sessions. Couples counselling begins with unpacking what has happened in the relationship, how the relationship has functioned before and how it can change.All parties need to have a willingness to engage and be motivated enough to compromise and learn new ways to communicate . Sometimes couples ask for mediation to have an ending and to separate as lovingly as possible without the mudslinging that will affect their self-respect, self-esteem and their childrens (if there are any).

    My career and qualifications.

    For over 15 years I have provided Integrative counselling both privately and through the NHS and various charities.

    I hold Diplomas In Integrative counselling & a Post-grad Diploma in psychosexual therapy and various certificated training in attachment , C.B.T , Couples counselling and level 1 in Theraplay and Enhanced adoption parenting (family support).

    In 2010 I co-devised and facilitated a 2-day workshop focusing on the 'Recovery of The Inner child' held with Maeja Raicar author and developer of Child-centred attachment therapy.

    My psychosexual qualifications were gained at the Centre for Psychosexual Health (CPH) Link here The faculty is led by Cabby Laffy author of 'Love sex'.

    Locations In Central Brighton & Central London

  • Central Brighton BN1 is near to Ditchling road , Brighton station, Preston park station, Brighton Pavillion, The laines shopping district and Hollingbury.

    My counselling room is in 55A Grantham road,Brighton BN1 6EF Map here and served by bus routes 26,79,46,50.There are on road pay and display parking bays close by @ £1 per hour. Unfortunately, this venue has no access for wheelchair bound clients.

  • Mornington crescent , Camden Town NW1 near to Euston station , St.Pancras International station and Kings Cross station in Central London Map here

    My counselling room is 5 mins walk from Mornington Crescent and Camden Town tube stations ( Northern Line ) koko music venue , jazz cafe , Camden Market , The British Library , Regents Park , London Zoo. Primrose Hill and Baker street are approximately 15 minutes away. There is on-street parking with metered access and I supply 1- or 2-hour parking permits on request.Unfortunately, there is no access for wheelchair bound clients

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    Links to trusted colleagues.

    Here is a list of colleagues from other areas of London and England whose work I value highly.

    Thomas Sherry: Psychotherapist and Psychosexual and couples therapist. Thomas holds sessions from rooms in Central London EC2 (Shoreditch and Old street) and South-west London SW4 (Clapham). here

    Eileen Duff : Accredited Integrative counsellor and Psychosexual and couples psychotherapist. Eileen holds sessions in Maidstone and Central London EC4 ( Bank and Cannon street). here

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